Summer Dress, Gowns, Corsets and More: Dress Up According to Your Body Type

Women are extremely conscious about their body but not every woman can dedicate hours of her precious time to the gym and get a well-sculpted figure. Dressing up those flaws in the body becomes essential and hence knowing your body type in the first place is very necessary. Fashion experts have categorized body types into 6 categories, which are in turn clubbed under top heavy, and bottom heavy categories. These 6 categories are: Round, Inverted triangle, Hourglass, Pear, Diamond and Straight shapes. Let us understand which style suits each shape. Round: This figure accentuates the middle and displays slender legs and a narrow hip. The lower half of the body is to die for and hence is the focal point of attention while dressing up. A slim-fitted A-line skirt will create magic and bring to the fore your long and slender legs. A small or busy print on flared outfits for the upper half of the body will distract attention from a heavier bust. Inverted Triangle: Broad shoulders and narrow hips characterize an Inverted triangle figure. Such women have extremely shapely legs to die for and should capitalize on this fact while dressing up. Broad shoulders can be balanced by wearing skirts that flare at the bottom. It is important to add the necessary volume to the lower body to balance the upper half. In this way, a curvaceous body can be shown off. Hourglass figure: The waist is the best asset of the Hourglass Figure. Perfectly balanced upper torsos in conjunction with a shapely lower half together make a dream figure called Hourglass Figure. It is necessary to accentuate the waist by wearing belts and tops that fit right at the waist. Baggy clothes will only camouflage the curves. Pear: Pear-shaped figure give away a shapely waist and a heavier lower body. While dressing up this type of body, it is essential to highlight the upper body in order that it looks fuller. Straight skirts that take attention off the waist are the ones to look out for and tops with a square neckline will help projecting the shoulders that are broad. Balance needs to be created around the bust to project a fuller bust. Diamond: A diamond shape differs from the pear as diamond shaped women are more curvaceous and pear shaped are more proportionate at that. Diamond shaped women have generous thighs and a broader bottom. To dress up a diamond shaped women takes more effort in accentuating the shoulders and the bust. A flirty-sleeved structured top or a jacket will help in balancing the upper torso and camouflaging the pitfalls. Straight: In this kind of a figure, the width of the upper and the lower torso is almost equal. It is a pale fissure without a characteristic bust and a flat bottom. The waist is also almost undefined. In order to doll up a woman with a straight figure, long tops with a long neckline and skirts that add volume to the lower half are essential elements one must have. The most important guideline here is to provide volume to the hips and bust in order to look curvaceous. It is important to know your body type in order to determine the kind of patterns, and most importantly the kind of fabric that should be used in your garments. You will only end up buying the right kind of clothes that accentuate your figure and in turn your personality.

Keep Summer Dress at the Beach: How to Create a Dress Policy For Your Company

With summer finally here, tank-tops and flip flops are coming out of closets and basking in the sun. However, some of these summer fashions also are making it to the workplace, causing trouble for company owners who want comfortable, happy employees as well as professional and safe attire. The solution to this problem: A dress policy. Dress codes or policies may seem to stifle individuality and lead to tension in an office, but if done properly, such regulations can have the opposite effect. Dress codes ensure the happiness of the employer by helping the company shape its image and create a work-focused atmosphere rather than one of relaxing at home. Additionally, dress codes can hinder problems of sexual harassment by requiring modest dress and eliminate Worker’s Compensation claims that arise from unsafe dress. Employees also benefit from dress regulations as it takes the guess work out of getting dressed for the job. A team environment is created as all employees are dressing similarly, creating a feeling of unity within the office. Also, uniform dress codes can ease tensions caused by coworkers criticizing the dress of one another as too fancy or too sloppy. When setting a dress code, an employer should keep in mind that there is no set policy for every company. Dress regulations vary depending on the type of workplace; a factory would require different attire than an office, for example. It is first important to recognize the specific safety, health or other requirements specific to each workplace and include these elements in the dress policy. Next, an employer should consider the location of the work environment, taking into account the weather as well as the style of dress for the region. General regulations for an office environment include ruling out overly casual or revealing clothing such as mini skirts and see-through fabrics. A tie or suit jacket may be required for men depending on the office. Any regulations about piercings, tattoos, and hairstyles should be included in a dress code as well as any restrictions on perfumes and colognes. Finally, it may be necessary to have multiple dress codes tailored to different areas in the workplace. For example, a receptionist who deals with the public might be required to dress differently than the behind-the-scenes support staff. When creating a dress policy, it also may be helpful to consult employees as well as customers about what they think is appropriate. Changes can always be made to a dress code, and allowing employee input will make the policy seem less restrictive. It also may be helpful to look at the dress policies of similar companies in order to create a new dress policy. Once a dress code has been created, it is important to make all employees aware of the policy. It should be printed and given to each employee. It may be helpful to have each employee sign it, to prevent cries of ignorance in the future. Periodic reminders of the dress policy are helpful, especially at the onset of summer. These reminders can be in the form of a friendly email or a posting in the break room or other area where all employees will be able to view the reminder. The most important factor in implementing a dress policy is for the employer to create an example by following the dress policy. If the boss is dressed according to the regulations, it is likely employees will be inclined to follow suit (no pun intended). There also should be enforcement of the dress policy, complete with disciplinary action for infractions. Taking into account these factors, the creation of a dress policy should be easy and painless. Don’t be shy about changing the policy if need be; just be sure to alert all employees to changes immediately. Taking employee opinions into account is key to making a dress policy work at your company. When the dress policy makes everyone happy, the company will run smoothly and efficiently while projecting an image of professionalism and unity.

Give A Lady Something She’ll Cherish: Jewelry

Ever since ancient times, women have always loved to dress up and adorn themselves in glittering things. Even in tribes that are far removed from the ravages of modern civilization you will find women wearing jewelry made of locally available material. In Lebanon too, jewelry is the most cherished gift a lady can receive. That’s why it’s jewelry Lebanon women prefer over anything else.

The Lebanese people are multi-lingual, and French is a very popular language there. Many people in the region can speak French as well as they can speak English. In French jewelry Lebanon is called bijoux Liban.

Why is jewelry so special? Some say that these are racial instincts that are found not just in human beings but in all mammals. In order to attract the mate, the individual tries to make herself stand out as much as possible. It’s this instinct that made jewelry popular all over the world. In the modern times jewelry does not have this significance, but there’s a hardly a woman who does not like bijoux Liban.

The jewelry Lebanon men buy for women need not be expensive. It doesn’t need to be from a big brand name. The bijoux Liban should have an attractive design, and should be of good quality. It should suit the woman’s dressing taste, and complement her look. Make sure the jewelry Lebanon is tasteful and not out-of-the-world. Never buy punk jewelry for a lady.

These days jewelry is available in many varieties. The classic metal jewelry is an all-time favorite with women. You can also go for imitation gems or even for terracotta jewelry in earthy colours. Once you’ve made up your mind about the material, you’ll have an infinite number of bijoux Liban designs to select from. Different dresses and occasions demand different kinds of jewelry Liban, so jewelry is something you can buy often without going wrong.

There are select gift and jewelry stores in Lebanon that display the jewelry for you to browse and select. That’s a great way to source your gifts when you’re in the town, but what if you’re in another city, or even another country? Don’t despair. If you want to gift your beloved, or anyone else bijoux Lebanon, you can do so no matter where you are, using the Internet. When you go to, you can select from several jewelry Lebanon designs, and pay online for your selection by a single click.

The ordered jewelry can be delivered to you or to the recipient directly. The delivery is free in Great Beirut and for other locations you only have to pay a small amount. The system is very secure and convenient and is becoming the preferred method to order bijoux Lebanon. In fact you can visit the website with the lucky lady and get her opinion on the designs. Not every gift has to be a surprise you know! The online gift stores have many jewelry Lebanon designs, and there’s something for every taste in jewelry.

So the next time you’re looking for bijoux Lebanon women love, go to and shop from the convenience of your home or office.

Using An Art Gallery As A Venue

Are you looking for a unique location for an event or a date? You don’t have to look any further than an art gallery such as Graffiti – A Hill City Art Joint. When you are picking a venue, you can feel a lot of pressure to impress your crowd, and this is one of the many reasons why an art gallery would be the best place to bring your friends, coworkers, or significant other.

Classy Atmosphere
When you are bringing a bunch of people to a venue, the place speaks volumes of your taste and class. If you pick an art gallery, people will immediately think that you are cultured. Your coworkers who passed by your desk thinking that you have nothing important to contribute to a conversation will find themselves feeling very foolish. Under your hard-working exterior, you have a lot of creativity, or at least an appreciation for the arts.

Intimate Surroundings
If you are looking to impress a date, the art gallery will deliver. What is a better conversation starter than trying to find meaning in various art pieces? You can get to know your date’s sense of humor or innermost feelings without probing too deep. When people talk about art, their souls are revealed.

For Beginners
You don’t have to be an expert artist or even consider art a serious hobby to enjoy the art gallery. With many local artists coming to explain their passion and their reasons behind their art, you can pick up an appreciation easily. Museums have a lot of art to offer, but little as far as an explanation for their art. In a local art gallery, you can get a feel for what the artist was trying to accomplish when they present their art to the gallery. So if you have a big event or date coming up, be sure to put a gallery like Graffiti – A Hill City Art Joint on your calendar.

Hello From Nova Scotia: Learning About Native Heritage At The Bear River

About an hour after my departure from Annapolis Royal after a beautiful drive along the shoreline of the Annapolis Basin and through the early fall colours of the Bear River Valley, (also known as “Little Switzerland”. I arrived at the Bear River First Nation Heritage and Cultural Centre. I was greeted by Wanda Joudry-Finigan and Robert (Robbie) McEwan, while Frederick Harlow was manning the cash register. All are members of the Bear River First Nation, and Wanda and Robbie proceeded to celebrate my arrival with a special welcome song.

Wanda explained that the song invites our mutual relatives, grandfathers and ancestors to join us at this occasion. The lobby of the Centre holds various artifacts and a Heritage Gallery that pays homage to current and former Chiefs and Elders of the Bear River First Nation. Wanda pointed out present Chief Frank Meuse Junior who also operates a lodge for adults and youth alike who wish to learn about the Mi’kmaq culture. Another image was of Agnes Potter, a celebrated leader and respected Elder of the Bear River First Nation.

Then I was invited to view a brief movie about Willie Meuse, Frank’s grandfather, shown in footage from the 1930s on the Bear River. The film also highlighted the construction and launching of the first birch bark canoe built since 1927. The launching took place in 2004 and speaks to the importance of the ancestors.

We left the vestibule and entered a large multi-purpose room housing a variety of interpretive displays about the life and history of the Mi’kmaq First Nation. This room is also used for theatre productions, games of sports for the youth, community card parties, holiday feasts and presentations. Frederick joined me and gave me an overview of the birch bark canoe. He explained that the canoe weighs about 90 to 95 pounds and was constructed using authentic historical canoe-building methods used in the area. The canoe is a sea-going canoe, evidenced by the high rise in the middle. Fresh-water canoes do not feature a rise in the middle of the canoe.

The vessel is constructed of various types of wood including ash and birch and the outside is covered with birch bark. Any potential openings in the canoe’s skin are patched up with a mixture of spruce gum and bear grease. Canoes used to be the main form of transportation for the First Nations People and their navigation skills, fishing and hunting knowledge helped the French settlers when they first came to this area in the 1600s. This life-size canoe was made by Todd Labrador and Cory Ryan who is a seventh generation descendent of Malti Pictou, a well-known Bear River Mi’kmaq guide. Before Cory, he was the last person to make a birch bark canoe in the area.

The next exhibit featured a variety of arts and crafts that are produced here using Mi’kmaq artistic traditions. Robbie came over to give me more insight into some of the local arts and crafts. He explained that leather is worked to produce mittens, jackets, dresses, moccasins and other items. Dreamcatchers are an important symbol to the Mi’kmaq. With their intricate web-like design they are hung to catch dreams floating through the night air. There is a saying that dreamcatchers let the good dreams through but protect you from the bad dreams.

Jewellery is made using a variety of glass beads, bone beads as well as imitation sinew. In the past moose tendons were used to produce the pendants and bracelets. Decorated deer and moose hide are available for purchase as well. Robert indicated that he recently made an ornate dress for a native chief in Newfoundland. His artistic skills are evidenced by some of the most impressive pieces of work: Robert showed me a decorative jewellery box that he is currently working on. The box is made of birch bark and porcupine quills, bordered with sweet grass whose scent I was able to smell. He explained that porcupine quills are easily removed from the animal, and they are essentially used to stitch an elaborate design. For each quill a hole is poked and the quill is pulled through. By the time this item is finished, Robert will have invested over 200 hours to produce the elaborate pattern on this decorative box.

Wanda joined us and took me to a display of a wigwam to explain certain rituals and conventions that would be adhered to in First Nations encampments. Visitors would be invited to sit in the most honourable space in the home or wigwam. The same would go for children so they would be able to see everything to the left and to the right of them in order to be able to learn. During winter mats made from rush would be used for insulation against the cold. Baskets were hand- made in order to harvest scallop, clams, or mussels. Each of these particular baskets could hold up to 10 pounds of seafood. Other baskets made from ash were used for potato and apple picking. These baskets were hand-made in large quantities in the 1900s as a major means of economic survival in changing times. Today these baskets are sold as decorative items.

The tipi also features a variety of furs, including lynx, rabbit, mink, red fox and silver fox. During the 1920s and 1930s silver foxes were a real fashion craze in England and many women had a fox fur, complete with head and legs, draped around their necks as a statement of elegance. The fox’ head would be equipped with a clasp so it could be clipped onto the lapel of the lady’s coat.

I learned that the wigwam is made of birch bark. Wigwams were lightweight, which made them easy to move from one location to another and water-resistant. Encampments would be set up near the mouth of rivers, which would provide a plentiful opportunity for food and means of travel. A large part of native diet consisted of fish; the rest was made up of berries, fruits and meats. Often fishing weirs were used for catching eels. Wanda explained that in the last few years about 800 encampments have been found in Nova Scotia with more than 4000 artifacts dating back 2,500 to 4,000 years.

Mi’kmaq hunting traditions included bear traps that were baited with fish. Once the animal was caught, women would remove the guts, the hide and the sinews and carry it back to the camp to prepare it. Excess meat and fat would be scraped off the skin with scraping tools, stones or shells. Wanda informs me that women were very highly respected in First Nations society, as they were life givers. Meals were cooked in a hollowed-out log that held red-hot stones that had been heated over a fire. Water would be poured over the food and the hot stones to cook the meal. Spices were gathered in the forest, and instead of potatoes a plant called the Jerusalem artichoke would be served with the meat. Fish and meat were dried or smoked, and eggs were gathered from marsh birds.

We moved over to a display on Mi’kmaq language and Wanda mentioned that there were 7 Mi’kmaq districts, each with their own chief. The Bear River Reservation is located in a place called “Kespukwik”, meaning “where the water stops flowing”, referring to the Bear River flowing into the Annapolis Basin. Mi’kmaq language is based on action verbs, and pronouns are important indicators of belonging and possession. For instance, the words “mother” or “sister” can never be said by themselves, they always require a pronoun to indicate whose mother we are talking about. The Mi’kmaq words would say “your mother”, “my mother”, or” his/her mother” etc.

At the next display we saw a 1936 picture of Wanda’s great-grandmother, Sarah Fossey who lived until 1961 to the ripe old age of 101. Wanda has fond memories of Sarah who used to bring her grandchildren and great-grandchildren oranges as a special treat. Sarah was captured in a movie from the 1930s that was displayed at the Bear River First Nation Heritage and Cultural Centre. Wanda was overwhelmed when she first saw moving images of her great-grandmother in the movie.

We also discussed life as a Mi’kmaq today. Wanda explained that Mi’kmaq society was matriarchal until the arrival of the first Europeans. In recent years, from the 1920s to the 1990, the government instituted a policy of residential schools where young native children were taken away from their families and taught the “white man’s ways’. This led to a significant loss in culture and heritage, women’s status eroded as a result and Mi’kmaq family structure suffered. The government wanted to force native children to “integrate” into mainstream society and in the process an ancient way of life was destroyed. Siblings were often not allowed to talk to one another and families were torn apart. Many of the native children suffered from mental, physical and sexual abuse in the residential schools. As a result of these policies, today many elders are learning the Mi’kmaq language from the younger generation.

Today there is a counter-trend where young First Nations people are rediscovering their language, culture and heritage. Of the conditions at the Bear River Reservation Wanda says that it is a managed forest and there is no poverty on the reserve, which holds about 100 people. Wanda herself has lived off the reserve for her entire life and has been self-efficient.

Wanda also explained that having “native status” is an important issue in First Nations communities. Native status confers certain benefits in terms of health care, taxation and schooling. Bill C31, introduced in 1985, improved native women’s status in the sense that they could pass native status on to their first generation children, even if the children were from a mixed native/non-native marriage. Men on the other hand can pass on native status indefinitely through the generations, even if they marry a non-native wife. This often creates economic inequality and friction within the same family where one set of cousins could have native status whereas another cousin would not officially be considered native. Even fairly recent legislation prolongs the European tradition of favouring male bloodlines.

Wanda gave me the names of several books that would provide further education about First Nations life and communities and when I said goodbye, she generously gave me two books to read as a present: “L’sitkuk – The Story of the Bear River Mi’kmaw Community” by Darlene Ricker, and “We Were Not Savages – A Mi’kmaq Perspective on the Collision between European and Native American Civilizations” by Daniel N. Paul, excellent reading material to educate myself further about native culture and history. As a parting gift she gave me a handcrafted medicine pouch that she had made herself, an example of the Mi’kmaq tradition of generosity and peacefulness.

I thanked Wanda and the entire team at the Bear River First Nation Heritage and Cultural Centre for their most interesting introduction to Mi’kmaq heritage and culture and resolved to read these books soon to educate myself. I started driving down the hill and all the people congregated at the local Bear River Band Office waved goodbye to me. It was time for me to continue my drive along the Evangeline Trail to tonight’s final destination: Yarmouth.

Tribal Azalea Tattoo – Tips On Getting Your New Tattoo

You want a tattoo, and have decided on a tribal azalea tattoo as your design. You log on to your computer and use Google to find an image for your design. Then you visit a tattoo artist to have your tattoo done. You are so happy and proud of your tattoo that you wear something special to show it off — a sleeveless shirt, a backless dress, low-waist pants. But lo and behold, the person beside you has the exact same design!
This scenario does happen, but it doesn’t have to happen to you. That’s why there are pay tribal tattoo sites. There are millions of generic and custom tribal designs on these pay sites. Not only can you choose the design you want, you can also choose the size and color that you prefer. There are tattoo artists that specialize in tribal tattoos on these sites. If you’re lucky, you might also be able to interact with an artist to customize a design.
The site may also allow you to have your “own gallery” so you can store your choices while you compare them and decide for the perfect design. You may even be able to combine designs for a custom tattoo just for you! Also, you can ask questions and share your thoughts with an online community of other tattoo enthusiasts. There are also useful reviews of local tattoo parlors that not only transfers the design, but also use tribal ink for that authentic tribal tattoo feel! There may also be maps and driving directions to these tattoo shops. These pay tribal tattoo sites are truly a one-stop shop for all your tattoo needs!
So why not try browsing a pay tribal tattoo site right now?
Good luck getting your new tribal azalea tattoo!

How To Buy A Cheap Wedding Dress

With the development of commercial economy and Internet, people have more choices to buy everything. To a bride, a right wedding dress is the most important thing. There are so many wedding dresses and so many styles to choose from. It’s a difficult thing to find the perfect dress for your perfect day. What’s more, you must want to cut down some expenditure because it spends too much money on wedding ceremony. And you are eager for a cheap but good quality wedding dress. Now I will give some advice for you.

Generally, the bigger expenditure of wedding dresses is the accessories. For example, hairstyle, footwear, handbags etc. But these types of accessories are often covered by the wedding dress. It may be wise apportioned for the cost of accessories and wedding dress in a planned manner. I suggest you should check the prices of accessories and wedding dress online at first. The wedding dress may consume a considerable half of the wedding budget. Usually all the designers of wedding dresses applaud the uniqueness and exclusivity of such a silk and satin wedding dresses. However, you feel frustrated when you see the designer’s wedding dresses assembly among a heavy expense tag attached.

Actually many online shops of wedding dresses additionally offer viable deals by permitting you to visit the picture gallery. You can check the supply of various sizes and buy an economical wedding dress here. In fact, asking your friends and relatives to let you use their wedding dresses for your wedding day is not a bad idea too. Second-hand wedding dress shops can also be a wonderful option for individuals who are sure in spending big finances just for a single dress. Most individuals buy or purchase their wedding dresses at such shops. You can bargain with the salesgirls on these shops.

In addition, there are some salesmen give you advices in some stores online of wedding dresses. You can get help from them if you are puzzled how to distinguish the bad from the good wedding dresses. If you are convinced about obtaining a second-hand wedding dress, eBay can also be a good option. There are enough good wedding dresses for you to choose. However, you need to be alert additionally when shopping as the product displayed ought to be unusual from the one, obtainable for sale.
When you are choosing a wedding dress, there are still a lot of other things that claim your attention. The color is as important as the style. The right colored wedding dress can highlight your personality. Besides this, the wedding dress you are going to purchase must can go well with the venue.
As far as I am concerned, a wedding dress is a valued possession but spending a significant chunk of your equipment on a wedding dress that could be worn for a single day often does not go well surrounded by everybody. I think it is wise to buy a cheap but good quality wedding dress.

Anyway, no matter what you are going to wear on your special day, you should choose the wedding dress that can highlight your individuality and hide your flows.

Cleaning Services for Wedding Dress and Paraphernalia

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Truly #1, they clean and present the dress by covering it in an acid-free paper to prevent yellowing of the gown and the shape too is retained. Each gown is boxed accordingly and customers can select the design of the box too. Wedding Dress Dry Cleaners is eager to be of service and offers
* Boxing of dress
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Checking their gallery helps one to understand the extent of their care and performance. The prices for cleaning different gowns range according to their design, material and shapes. While the straight wedding gowns are priced at $245, the slim line wedding gowns are priced at $275, the A-Line Wedding gowns are priced at $345 and full wedding gowns are priced at $385. The prices may vary based on the beading, trims, layers, effort involved in stain removal, material of the bridal dress, gown size, test cleaning, how long the stain has been on the dress, requirements in packing and type of the box and its size. Wedding Dress Dry Cleaners delivers remarkable service and customer satisfaction is their ultimate aim.

Look Elegant Wearing Angela’s Sydney Bridal Dress

Everyone is obsessed about their wedding and related preparations. Brides are over enthusiastic for their wedding and especially the bridal dress. Every woman wishes to look her best on the very special day of her life. She desires to look elegant, cool, charming and the most beautiful woman, anyone had ever seen on her wedding day. The wedding day is a cherished moment for both bride and bride groom as well as their families, which comes once in the lifetime and it should be without a hitch. Angela’s Sydney contributes in this extraordinary affair by offering the best wedding dresses along with their alterations. This ensures the dress perfectly fit you and you look the best.

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Fine art gallery San Diego an easy shopping destination

In case you are looking forward to shop for art work then nothing else apart from fine art gallery San Diego can be the best choice.

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Online gallery can assist you to check out painting work of various artists. This is where you can enjoy checking out lot of collection of paintings. Paintings are not developed for particular reason or with particular motive it is actually developed through artists for aesthetic reasons. All art work will not have functional or practical reason rather at times art work is developed for enjoyment.

At the time of browsing specific site in search of work you need to determine the reason behind purchasing the art work. When you know the reason why you want specific kind of painting or photograph on the basis of that you need to consider the painting and the visual effects that it offers. Paintings or photographs you find online must be able to offer you with amazing visual treat.

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